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A Spanish-inspired neighborhood restaurant featuring fresh ingredients kissed by fire.


Welcome to Leña

The inspiration behind Leña sparks from our profound passion for crafting unforgettable experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of our guests. It's more than just the food – it's about the captivating flavors, exquisite wines, and lively culture that resonate through the Catalan and Basque regions of Spain.

The Experience


At Leña we are entranced by the time-tested Mediterranean formula of beautiful ingredients kissed by fire, an unrivaled warmth in hospitality, and a ravenous appetite for all manners of flora and fauna. From Pintxos to full plates, our menu is vegetable and seafood forward, but also offers our guests a wide variety of options.


Our wine list is exclusively Spanish, offering the best representations of Spain's regions and varietals. Our list is carefully selected to pair with our food and focuses primarily on organic, sustainable, and biodynamic wines. In addition to our wine list, we celebrate Aperitivo hour with a selection of sherries and vermouths to prime your palate.


Cocktails take center stage at our bar and lounge. Our bar team has created a fantastic selection of specialty cocktails, low ABV and alcohol-free drinks. In addition to our specialty drinks, we offer a full selection of the classics, as well as a special Gin Tonic menu (in Spain they drop the "&") that is a toast to one of Spain’s favorite cocktails. 

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